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In this evolving business market, Almona has successfully managed to serve its clients with the utmost dedication and professionalism.All you need to do is ask any of our clients on how they are being served. Whether small or large, each account gets the same care and attention; and the services rendered to our clients attain the goals and strategies we have set out to achieve.Our motto is "proud of our past, and working for the future". Therefore join us for a better future.
Our primary goal is client and customer satisfaction. Both are intrinsic to the way we conduct business, and our track record very much proves it.

Wireless Dynamics was founded in 2004 with ALMONA as a major shareholder under the name of ALMONA CIS and then in 2006 a total corporate restructure has been done with a new company vision and a new name “Wireless Dynamics”. Almona provides marketing advice and in country service support contracting for companies seeking to promote and sell their products and services in Egypt. Wireless Dynamic’s continued success is a result of its commitment to its clients. Wireless Dynamics has provided a variety of solutions to a wide range of companies in different fields as: multi-national organizations, government, commercial and retail.









Network Dynamics are the exclusive Sales, Marketing and Business Development arm of 3Com Corp. in Egypt and Libya. www.3com.com
Having a team that uniquely understands building IP networks, 3Com has outsourced the business in Egypt and Libya exclusively to us.
We have dedicated 3Com sales, presales and services team to develop, grow the 3Com market share in Egypt and Libya. We carry the 3Com business cards, have access to 3Com internal network and are an integral part of their business in this specific territory. We talk on their behalf, control the channels, pricing and the complete sourcing model in Egypt, Libya and soon in other territories.









ALMONA has signed a partnership agreement with VT MAK that develops software to link, simulate and visualize the virtual world. With VT MAK, virtual simulation is total realism.

Almona serves as an in country marketing representation entity for many world renowned defense and aerospace companies .

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